La Petite Trotteuse

Not just a website

Since my childhood I'm passioned about beautiful things, especially watches. In December 2015, I was looking for a new watch, but not a one you can find in a basic city shop.

I was looking for an original one, a special one, for a good price. When I saw some websites talking about « affordable » prices, it meant under 5000€, I was stupefied. So, I created the domain and... Let's the adventure begin!

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Not just writing

Ok that's true, writing is the main part of this hobby but I don't only write some (great) posts, I'm also a photographer, a film maker, a marketing director, a communication director, and a big star (or not). You can't imagine how many hours I spend on small visual results for users. it's time consuming but it's great!


I film my reviews


I need pictures for the reviews


Video editing is a third of the time


No passion, no website.

Need more informations ? Please contact me !